Saturday, 28 May 2011

Judge Dredd Megazine VOL 4.1

In the summer of 2001 it was clear someone in rebellion was pleased with the end of year progs because the judge Dredd megazine after years of printing any old crap from the files or being stuck with reprints of recent mega epics (necropolis) or stuff which while awesome does not deserve to be in a book called JUDGE DREDD MEGAZINE (Preacher) It was clear it was time for a change and thus the Meg undergone its forth such regeneration turning into a mammoth 100 pager.

For your £3:95 you got over 90 pages of comic strip about 50 of which were reprint. Over half of this reprint would come from 2000ads own archives. For this first issue Robusters was dusted off for the first time in years joined by over exposed awesomeness from Dr and Quinch.

The other half at first came from other British books as we say hello to Lazarus Churchyard. I didn’t enjoy it much though it was interesting seeing D’israelis early art which looked nice but nowhere near as good as his current stuff. This British reprint thing took a backseat after Churchyard ended but we’ll come to that in 4.9 as we officially begin the Meg slog.

The remaining 40 pages of strip were all brand new. We got a 15 page Dredd strip featuring the return of the fatties and in particular a training camp for speed eating contests. Lenny Zero returns as he comes face to face with a certain Lawman…who? Well his name is on the front of the magazine.

The final brand new strip was wardog which I believe was supposed to be based on a Rebellion published videogame which never happened as far as I know which is a shame because despite the cornball insane premise it was a neat little strip. What was that cornball premise? Well our hero has a bomb in his head and if he fails to complete a contracted mission before the timer hits zero, he dies. Better than it sounds believe me!

The meg slog will continue in 4.9 the first officially bought by me issue

1245: Illegal alien!

Dan Abnett begins his very long game in this weeks sinister Dexter as Dexter faces off against a crazed alien ambassador who gets high on tomato sauce. This one story sets off a chain of dominoes which still topple to this day. For you see this episode proves the existence of aliens in the hitmens world. This leads into various other stories which leads them into an adventure through space and dimensions. This of course leads us into the ongoing war of the Moses storyline. Which shows up in the prog when Abnett is not busy in America plotting the destinies of Marvels space characters Ohh full circle…

Next prog slog: Another long running story begins as the chief judges man is on the loose.