Wednesday, 16 June 2010

1211: Shell shock! 20/9/00

The psychopathic boy genius has returned to 2000ad and boy has he grown up!

As you are all aware events in Dredds world run simultaneously with ours. When it is a new year here it’s a new year in Dredds world. When we last saw Pj maybe in 1993 he had just turned sixteen as Dredd caught him and threw him back into a cube. Flash-forward to now and he is in his mid twenties and using the chaos left over from the second robot war has escaped yet again. By the time the Judges worked out that he was gone he was on the first plane to banana city.

This had the feel of being Pjs last hurrah having finally escaped the judges with a new identity and a pacemaker (He cut his own heart out to fool the judges into thinking he was dead.

Luckily this was not the last we saw of Pj….He would be back….

This prog closes up all the current stories and clears the slate for a new line up but more on that next slog….

Next prog slog: Theres nothing like a relaunch prog....but theres a generation killer on the loose